A dedication to my devoted, loving and inspiring dad

Winston Sum

My dad was the light of my life and my role model. He was my first art teacher and always encouraged me to think out of the box.

My dad, Winston Sum, was an award-winning art director. He started his career in his early twenties, working in many international agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Naga and Saatchi & Saatchi. He won his first award at the age of 22, the youngest art director in the advertising industry at that time. At the age of 37, he started his own advertising agency and later ventured to interior design.

Apart from his work, he enjoyed painting and was a huge diecast model collector. During his free time, he enjoyed redesigning/remodeling some of these diecast models. It would keep him occupied for hours as he was always so meticulous. 

My dad was one of the most creative individuals I’ve come to know. Growing up, seeing his passion for his work and how he enjoyed every process of creativity was so inspirational to me.

Here are some of his notable artworks: