Koi Family in Waterlily Pond

Creating the Koi Family in Waterlily Pond was a deeply personal and emotional experience for me. It was a way to honor my dad's memory and keep his spirit close to our family.

The four koi ceramic decorations in our home hold a special meaning for us, each representing a member of our family. When I painted the Koi Family in Waterlily Pond, I was inspired by these decorations and the sense of togetherness they symbolize.

Waterlily ponds symbolize peace and harmony. Through this artwork, I hope to bring a sense of tranquility to our family, and remind us that we will be reunited one day.


The koi swimming behind the other three hold a dual representation – they symbolize my dad, who may be gone but is still watching over us, and myself, who wishes to see my dad is still a part of our lives.


This painting is not just a work of art, but a reflection of our family’s love and connection.