My Imaginary Creatures

My Imaginary Creatures’ is an interactive wall mural in a private international school in Kuala Lumpur.

It was inspired by children who drew their own characters or favourite cartoons. The mural is like a giant colouring book that invites all primary school students to participate in creating their favourite creature. The students are allowed to colour the wall with washable painting materials.


Gwái is Inspired by one of my childhood doodles- a little ghost and the connection of Gwái (鬼) in Cantonese slang. Gwái is a series of ghosts in an adorable form.

Private Collections

Explore some of my artwork, each artwork is a reflection of my style, experience and emotion.

These artworks are my personal collection and sold to private collectors.

More Artwork

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Private Art Lessons

In my private art classes, I teach students aged 3 and above to express themselves through art.

I design fun lessons that cater to each student’s learning objectives, inspiring them to explore their creativity visually.

My goal is to encourage students to develop an interest in creative expression, building their confidence and skills in art.

Youth Leadership Programmes (2022)

In collaboration with a private education programme provider, I created five leadership learning modules tailored for key stage 3 and 4 students.

The modules incorporate interactive and gamified activities to enhance engagement and ensure high-quality learning experiences.

Virtual Reality Field Trip (2016)

My first programme working with a social enterprise. The VR Field Trip programme won the BETT ASIA Leadership Award in 2016.

Our goal was to provide immersive field trip experiences to underprivileged communities and refugee schools without the need for travel or expenses.

With my team, we developed 11 VR educational programs, visited 16 centers and schools across Malaysia, and reached out to 1,033 children in just three months.